Schools Testing



“It’s not the people you expect who get the top scores. One boy scored 162 and he wasn’t the one we would have expected!” (Teacher in a school which has been participating in the Schools’ Testing Programme for a number of years.)


This teacher went on to say that these top scorers were probably underachieving in class. When we speak of special educational needs we usually think of children with learning difficulties which prevent them from achieving their full potential; however gifted children may not achieve their full potential either without special help, and may become depressed and frustrated, expressing this depression and frustration through misbehaviour. It is important that such children be identified so that their needs can be met and their achievements raised. Mensa can identify these highly intelligent pupils.


The work of a Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator includes the following:


  1. Set targets for raising achievement among pupils with Special Educational Needs.
  2. Collect and interpret specialist assessment data
  3. Set up systems for identifying, assessing and reviewing SEN
  4. Update the head teacher and governing body on the effectiveness of provision for pupils with SEN
  5. Develop an understanding of learning needs and the importance of raising achievement among pupils
  6. Attend consultation evenings and keep parents informed about their child’s progress.


A professionally administered test session, which will incorporate almost all aspects of the above, can be arranged for your school with very little disruption to your school day. Let Mensa do the work for you.


Irish Mensa is currently undertaking a schools’ testing programme where the school provides the facilities and we supply the tests and test administrator. This is a fully approved IQ test and is available for just €5.00(£4.00) per paying pupil.


If you are a School or Head teacher and would be interested in participating in the programme, you can contact our schools testing liaison officer directly at:


Mrs M Guthrie
17 Orchard Drive
Co. Armagh
BT62 3JX
Tel: 028 38 350045